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中文摘要:介绍荆州市恒大翡翠华庭项目基坑支护体系设计方案选型思路,本项目地质条件差,周边环境极为复杂,通过弹性抗力法计算模型,运用天汉软件对支护结构内力和变形进行计算,以及基坑抗隆起、抗倾覆、整体稳定性等验算,选择采用SMW工法,后期将计算结果与基坑监测资料对比分析结果显示,应用SWM工法桩作为支护结构,达到设计合理、经济适用的效果,保证了基坑及周边建筑的安全,本工程是SWM工法桩在荆州市基坑支护工程中的首次应用,同时获得了显著的社会效益 。
中文关键词:基坑支护  SWM工法  型钢  水泥土搅拌桩
Design and Application of SMW Method in the Supporting Sistem
Abstract:Introduce the idea of selecting the design scheme of the foundation pit supporting system of the the JingZhou Evergrande Emerald Huating Project . The geological conditions of this project are poor and the surrounding environment is extremely complicated. The elastic resistance method is used to calculate the model, and the internal force and deformation of the supporting structure are analyzed using Tianhan software The calculation, as well as the calculation of the foundation pit anti-uplift, anti-overturning, overall stability, etc., chose to use the SMW construction method, and the later analysis and comparison of the calculation results with the foundation pit monitoring data showed that the use of SWM construction method as a supporting structure to achieve a reasonable design and economic The applicable effect guarantees the safety of the foundation pit and surrounding buildings. This project is the first application of the SWM construction method pile in the Jingzhou foundation pit support project, and it has obtained significant social benefits.
keywords:foundation pit support  SMW method  shaped steel  cement- mixed pile
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