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中文关键词:钻机  总体设计;全液压系统;电气系统
Design of XLT-230 full hydraulic rotary shotcreting crawler rig
Abstract:With the development of high pressure jet grouting technology, a new double high pressure jet grouting technology, RJP method, has appeared. In order to meet the requirements of RJP method construction, XLT-230 full hydraulic jet grouting crawler drill has been designed and developed.The drill is easy to operate and meets the RJP construction process. It is equipped with large torque and large through-hole power head, with functions of intermittent lifting and directional jet grouting, and is suitable for various engineering conditions.The overall structure and technical parameters of XLT-230 drilling rig as well as the design of main components of the drilling rig are discussed in detail. The hydraulic and electrical systems of the whole rig are also introduced.
keywords:drilling machine  The overall design  Hydraulic system  Electrical system
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