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中文关键词:干热岩  取心钻具  取心钻头  坚硬地层
Application of KT178 core tool in Gonghe hot dry rock exploratory well
Abstract:In Gonghe basin, hot dry rock resources are enriched in granite strata. Core drilling is difficult in the formation, which is hard and abrasive, and cracks are developed in some layers. According to the characteristics of hot dry rock formation and coring demand, the KT178 coring tool was developed, and impregnated diamond coring bit was designed. The drilling tool is a swivel type double tube core barrel, which can be used with down-hole motor. The strength check of key components such as outer barrel and core catcher is emphasized in the design. In Wells GH-01 and GH-02, after two rounds of experiments and optimization, the drilling tools are gradually mature. More complete core samples are obtained by the drilling tools, which can meet the requirements of coring in hot dry rock exploration. The drilling tools have the conditions to be popularized and applied to similar projects with intermittent coring requirements, such as shale gas and water resources exploration.
keywords:hot dry rock  core drilling  coring tool  coring bit  hard formation
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