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中文关键词:地热井  恶性漏失断段性漏失断层性漏失  堵漏  断层  井下复杂情况  “郓城模式”
Fault-leakage plugging technology for YR1 geothermal well
Abstract:Since the complex downhole conditions of YR1 geothermal well, such as large amount of fault leakage, high water head of fault water, and barefoot interval in the upper part, on the basis of analyzing the nature of leakage and borehole environment, we analyzed the application conditions and limitations of the existing plugging technology for malignant leakage, and decidedly adopted the construction scheme of running casing to seal the fault. At last, we successfully solved the challenge of fault leakage plugging. At the same time, the staged cementing technology was adopted to solve the potenial danger of upward channeling and downward seepage of fault water, ensure the quality of well making, and provide a good reference for dealing with fault leakage or cave leakage in the future. The field practice shows that the casing plugging measure introduced in this paper has the advantages of short time used, low cost and good effect, which provides a new way for drilling leakage plugging. It has promoted the development and utilization of geothermal resources, "Yuncheng model", which has served the local economic and social development and is of great significance to help win the battle against pollution.
keywords:Geothermal well  Serious fault lreakageFaulty leakage  Plugging  fault  Well complexity  
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