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中文关键词:地热能  保温钢管  气凝胶  井下保温管  导热系数
Design and Application of BLD Series High Efficient Insulation Steel PipeFor Geothermal Well
Abstract:In order to aim to have CO2 emissions peak before 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality before 2060, our new energy industry has entered a new state of carbon reduction and energy saving from clean and efficient time. As a clean, zero-carbon energy source in geothermal energy field, we are faced with unprecedented development opportunities. For the scientific, efficient, and high-quality utilization and development of geothermal energy, it is necessary to develop high-efficiency insulation steel pipes for geothermal wells. The thermal conductivity of the developed insulation pipe is less than 0.02. The high anti-collapse, high anti-burst, and connection strength of the insulation pipe can meet the design requirements of medium and deep geothermal wells. It will realize independent intellectual property rights, localized manufacturing, and reduce the costs by more than 30%, and have excellent economic efficiency.
keywords:geothermal, insulation steel pipe, aerogel, underground insulation steel pipe thermal conductivity
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