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中文关键词:环境取样  总体设计;液压系统;电气系统
Design of esd-70 full hydraulic drilling rig for environmental assessment
Abstract:The drilling rig adopts hydraulic cylinder to pressurize and lift, which is more stable than traditional chain, can realize multi-angle tilting operation, open-close control cabinet, wireless remote control and electro-hydraulic control, the dynamic head has strong impact force and can meet the requirement of soil sampling engineering at 0-30m depth. The drilling machine directly pushes the type to drill the sample, is the double-layer tube sampling, the sample reaches the inner sample tube directly, the sample maintains the soil original state effectively, after the sampling analysis may also carry on the simple soil rotary spray treatment, one machine multi-purpose. Moreover, the machine has the advantages of simple operation, high safety, stable performance and high efficiency, and can greatly reduce the labor force of soil sampling personnel.
keywords:Environmental Sampling  General Design  hydraulic system  electrical system
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