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中文摘要:针对我国煤矿松软突出煤层中的煤巷、高应力巷道等小断面巷道,以及皮带运输巷中钻机需频繁让道、在掘进巷道中钻机需绕前施工等通过空间狭小的复杂钻孔施工条件,结合煤矿钻孔现场施工对孔比较繁琐及搬运迁移比较困难的现状,进行了ZLY2500L型煤矿用履带式坑道钻机的研制。目前常用的整体式履带钻机存在这样的缺陷:不能将井下机动灵活、外形尺寸小、操作人员安全性高等特点高度融合,使瓦斯抽采钻孔施工效率低,钻机对复杂钻场和矿井条件适应性差。该机型结构布置合理,辅助功能齐全,它能有效地改善中小煤矿钻孔施工效率,提高钻掘产量,降低工人劳动强度, 可用于瓦斯抽采穿层钻孔、瓦斯抽采顺层钻孔和探放水以及底板注浆等钻孔施工。本文主要介绍ZLY2500L型煤矿用履带式坑道钻机的主要技术参数、结构布局特点及液压系统。经试验表明,对于中小煤矿钻孔施工具有良好的应用前景。
中文关键词:煤矿  瓦斯  坑道钻机  履带行走  液压传动
Development of ZLY2500L Crawler Tunnel Drilling Rig for Coal Mine
Abstract:In view of the coal roadway, high stress roadway and other small section roadways in the soft outburst coal seam of China's coal mines, as well as the complex drilling construction conditions of narrow space, such as the frequent giving way of the drilling machine in the belt transportation roadway and the construction of the drilling machine around the front in the tunneling roadway, Combined with the current situation of complicated drilling and difficult transportation in the field construction of coal mine, the zly2500l crawler tunnel drilling machine for coal mine is developed. At present, the commonly used integral crawler drilling rig has such defects: it can’t highly integrate the characteristics of underground mobility, small size and high safety of operators, so that the construction efficiency of gas drainage drilling is low, and the adaptability of drilling rig to complex drilling field and mine conditions is poor. It can effectively improve the drilling construction efficiency of small and medium-sized coal mines, increase the drilling output and reduce the labor intensity of workers. It can be used for gas drainage through the layer drilling, gas drainage along the layer drilling, water exploration and drainage, floor grouting and other drilling construction. This paper mainly introduces the main technical parameters, structural layout features and hydraulic system of ZLY2500L crawler tunnel drilling rig for coal mine. The test shows that it has a good application prospect for drilling construction in small and medium-sized coal mines.
keywords:coal mine  Gas  tunnel drilling rig  Crawler walking  hydraulic transmission
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