ZHDN-SDR 150A 型高频声波钻机设计
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中文摘要:文章主要介绍了ZHDN-SDR 150A 型高频声波钻机设计及其验证测试,为该钻机应用于污染场地调查和治理提供理论依据和技术指导。论文阐述了钻机总体设计思路及主要性能参数指标,系统分析了高频声波动力头、钻机主体、配套钻具结构设计及其技术创新。该钻机在两种不同地层进行了验证测试,各项测试指标均达到设计要求。将验证测试结果与国内外同类钻机对比表明,ZHDN-SDR 150A型钻机主要性能参数与关键装置已处于国内先进和国外并跑水平。该型钻机在振动频率、地层适用性、钻具使用寿命等方面优势显著,但是存在过高温度运行条件下钻进效率降低、智能自动化水平不足的问题,需进一步研发耐高温强硬度新材料和改进远程无线操控系统。
中文关键词:高频声波钻机  结构设计  振动装置  减振装置  轴承冷却润滑  验证测试
Design of ZHDN-SDR 150A High-Frequency Sonic Drilling Rig
Abstract:This article mainly introduces the design and verification test of ZHDN-SDR 150A high-frequency sonic drilling rig, to provides theoretical basis and technical guidance for its application in the investigation and remediation of contaminated sites. The overall design scheme and the main performance parameters of the drilling rig was discussed, meanwhile the structural design and technological innovation of the high-frequency sonic power head, the main components of the machine, and the auxiliary drilling tools was systematically analyzed. The drilling rig applied in two different soil formations was tested and verified, and the parameters of the design requirements were met. The comparison of the verification results between the ZHDN-SDR 150A drilling rig and similar ones at home and abroad shows that the main performance parameters and key equipment of the rig have advanced domestically and reached equivalent standard internationally. This developed drilling rig has prominent advantages with regard to vibration frequency, stratum applicability, and life span of auxiliary drilling tools, but has shortcomings in terms of drilling efficiency decreasing under hyperthermal condition and the rig’s intelligent and automation level. Therefore, it is necessary to further develop new materials with high temperature resistance and hardness, and to improve the remote wireless control system.
keywords:high-frequency sonic drilling rig  structural design  vibration device  damping device  bearing cooling and lubrication  verification test
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