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中文摘要:针对国内山地信号塔基桩孔单纯依靠人工通过水磨钻结合风镐破碎,耗时久,而且危险系数大,所以市场急需一种能够减轻人工劳动强度,安全系数高,开孔破碎速度快,适合人工搬运、可拆卸的设备。目前常用的平地基桩开孔设备主要有: 竖井钻机、反井钻机和竖井掘进机等,这些设备重量及外形尺寸大,搬运困难,对复杂地形和山地条件适应性差。根据以上现状,研发了一款YXW-2000型液压铣轮机,该设备结构布置合理,功能齐全,它能有效地改善山地基桩孔施工的机械化程度,降低工人劳动强度,提高设备运行的安全性。本文主要介绍液压铣轮机的主要技术参数、结构布局特点及液压系统。经试验表明,YXW-2000液压铣轮机满足钻孔施工的机械化需求,可解体性好,搬运方便,具有良好的应用前景。
中文关键词:铣轮机  基桩孔  液压系统  可拆卸  山地  
Development of YXW-2000 hydraulic milling machine
Abstract:In view of the fact that the pile holes of signal tower foundation in domestic mountainous areas are broken manually by water grinding drill combined with air pick, which takes a long time and has a high risk factor, Therefore, the market is in urgent need of a kind of equipment which can reduce the labor intensity, has high safety factor, has fast breaking speed, and is suitable for manual handling and disassembly. At present, the commonly used flat foundation pile drilling equipment mainly includes: shaft drilling machine, raise boring machine and shaft boring machine, etc. these equipment have large weight and external dimension, difficult handling and poor adaptability to complex terrain and mountainous conditions. According to the above situation, a YXW-2000 hydraulic milling machine,was developed. It can effectively improve the mechanization degree of pile hole construction in mountainous area, reduce the labor intensity of workers, and improve the safety of equipment operation. This paper mainly introduces the main technical parameters, structural layout characteristics and hydraulic system of hydraulic rotary excavator. The test results show that YXW-2000 hydraulic milling machine can meet the mechanization requirements of drilling construction, has good disintegration and convenient handling, and has a good application prospect.
keywords:Milling machine  Foundation pile hole  Hydraulic system  removable  mountain country  
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