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中文摘要:针对复杂地层绳索取心钻进时易出现的内管总成打捞失败问题,开展了FDS-P型绳索取心钻具研制。基于内管总成打捞失败原因分析,完成了FDS-P型绳索取心钻具设计,通过室内试验,初步验证了钻具结构设计的合理性。为进一步验证钻具性能,在贵州页岩气井开展了野外生产试验,先后完成16个回次取心钻进,累计进尺39.03 m,岩心采取率达到98%以上,其中有6个回次发生堵心,内管打捞全部成功,内管到位及堵心均得到了及时提示。实际应用结果表明,FDS-P型绳索取心钻具结构设计合理,具有良好的到位及堵心报信提示作用,内管总成打捞可靠性得到显著提升,有效提高了易堵心地层钻进效率及岩心采取质量。
中文关键词:绳索取心钻进  堵心  打捞失败  FDS-P型绳索取心钻具
Development and test of the FDS-P wire-line coring tool
Abstract:In order to solve the problem of fishing failure of the inner tube assembly in wire-line core drilling in complex formation, the development of the FDS-P wire-line coring tool has been carried out. Based on analysis of fishing failure causes, the design of the FDS-P wire-line coring tool has been completed. The rationality of the structure design was preliminarily verified through laboratory test. In order to further verify the performance, field production test has been carried out in shale gas wells in Guizhou. Sixteen core drilling runs have been successively completed, with cumulative footage of 39.03m, and core recovery over 98 percent. Core jams occurred six times and the inner tube assembly was successfully fished every time. Signals for the landing and core jams of the inner tube assembly were obtained in time. The application results showed that the structure design of the FDS-P wire-line coring tool was proper, and it had good warning on landing and core jam indication. Fishing reliability of the inner tube assembly has been improved significantly. Drilling efficiency and core recovery have been increased effectively when drilling in jam-prone formation.
keywords:wire-line core drilling  core plugging  fishing failure  FDS-P wire-line coring tool
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