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WANG Leihao,LI Guanghong,SHI Xun,YIN Miao. Application of CMD180T drilling rig in geothermal well drilling in Shangyi County[J]. Exploration Engineering (Rock & Soil Drilling and Tunneling), 2020,47(1):58-61.
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中文摘要:经物探分析在河北省张家口尚义县大青沟镇南海子村东南1.0 km存在深部断裂构造,为了寻找开发坝上地区地热资源,决定在该位置施工一口2000 m深地热井,即穿过该断裂构造寻找导水通道,完成地热井施工任务。施工中采用了CMD180T型钻机,该钻机采用了先进的全液压传动系统,自动化程度高,性能优异,可大大降低操作人员的劳动强度且易于搬迁、易于操作。其优势在这次地热井工程施工过程中得到了充分的体现。
中文关键词:地热井  CMD180T型钻机  全液压  自动化程度高  性能优异
Application of CMD180T drilling rig in geothermal well drilling in Shangyi County
Abstract:The geophysical exploration and analysis shows that there is a deep fracture structure 1.0km to the southeast of Nanhaizi Village, Daqinggou Town, Shangyi County, Zhangjiakou, Hebei Province. In order to explore and develop geothermal resources in the Bashang area, it was decided to construct a 2000m deep geothermal well at this location, that is, to explore water conducting channels through the fracture structure and complete the geothermal well. The CMD180T drilling rig was used for drilling, on which the advanced full hydraulic transmission system is adopted, providing high degree of automation and excellent performance. It can greatly reduce the labor intensity of operators and is easy to move and operate. Its advantages have been fully reflected in this geothermal well drilling project.
keywords:geothermal well  CMD180T drilling rig  full hydraulic  high degree of automation  excellent performance
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