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引用本文:周 策,罗光强,吴 陶.FDR型岩土多层含水量监测仪的研究[J].钻探工程,2020,47(6):60-66.
ZHOU Ce,LUO Guangqiang,WU Tao. Research on FDR—type multilayer water content monitor[J]. Drilling Engineering, 2020,47(6):60-66.
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周 策 中国地质科学院探矿工艺研究所,四川 成都 610031 449730588@qq.com 
罗光强 中国地质科学院探矿工艺研究所,四川 成都 610031  
吴 陶 中国地质科学院探矿工艺研究所,四川 成都 610031  
中文关键词:含水率  管式含水量传感器  频域反射(FDR)  无线传输
Research on FDR—type multilayer water content monitor
Abstract:The change of water content in rock and soil layers is one of the most important factors inducing geological hazards of landslides and debris flows. In the past, the measuring principles, such as the tensiometer method, resistance method, neutron method, capacitance method, gamma—ray method, optical measurement method, TDR method, have been used to measure water content in rock and soil layers. Those methods have some disadvantages such as low accuracy, great personal harm, great influence by weather, expensive electronic parts. The FDR—type automatic monitoring instrument for multi layer water content in rock and soil layers of the landslide body uses the electromagnetic frequency domain reflection (FDR) tubular water content sensor for measurement, and carries out remote water content data acquisition and wireless transmission with the wireless communication acquisition and monitoring instrument. The automatic multi layer water content monitoring instrument for landslide rock and soil layers has the characteristics of compactness, large measurement range, quick response, high sensitivity, high precision , corrosion and moisture resistance, which has promoted the progress on early warning and monitoring technology for geological hazards.
keywords:water content  tubular water content sensor  Frequency Domain Reflection (FDR)  wireless transmission
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