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HU Haifeng,ZHU Huajun,XIONG Wenxiang,et al. Development of YXW-2000 hydromill[J]. Drilling Engineering, 2022,49(6):104-109.
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中文关键词:液压铣轮机  基桩孔  液压系统  可拆卸设备  山地施工
Development of YXW-2000 hydromill
Abstract:In view of much time consumption and high risk in pile hole construction for signal tower foundations by the manual water grinding drill combined with air pick in mountainous areas in China, the market is in urgent need of a kind of equipment which can reduce the labor intensity, has high safety factor and fast cutting speed, and is portable and modular. At present, the commonly used foundation pile drilling equipment on level ground mainly includes: shaft drilling machines, raise boring machines and shaft boring machines, etc. These equipment is featured of heavy weight and large overall dimension, difficult handling and poor adaptability to complex terrain and mountainous conditions. To this end, the YXW-2000 hydromill has been developed. It can effectively improve the mechanization degree of pile hole construction in mountainous areas, reduce the labor intensity of workers, and improve the safety of equipment operation. This paper mainly introduces the main technical parameters, the structural layout characteristics and the hydraulic system of the hydromill. The test results showed that YXW-2000 hydromill can meet the mechanization requirements of drilling construction with ease in disassembly and convenient handling, and has a good application prospect.
keywords:hydromill  foundation pile hole  hydraulic system  removable machines  mountain construction
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